Baracuda In-Ground Electric S3 Robotic Pool Cleaner




Ultimate Robotic Pool Cleaning Solution

With today’s busy lifestyle, the pool is a great place to relax and spend time with friends and family. Now, keeping your pool free of debris has never been easier. The S3 Robotic is built on Baracuda’s long history as a global leader in automatic pool cleaning technology. It is designed to provide unparalleled cleaning for all residential pool shapes and surfaces. Portable, self-contained, simple, and cost-effective, the S3 Robotic is the ultimate pool cleaning solution.


The S3 Robotic delivers a perfectly clean pool, free of debris and waterline build-up. It features an Intelligent Steering System (ISS) with an integrated flotation and navigation system to effectively clean the pool bottom, walls, steps, and waterline. And, the S3 Robotic is highly efficient. For just pennies per day, it automatically scrubs and cleans the entire pool. By operating completely independently of your pool’s filtration system, it requires no additional pumps or filter lines, so you get maximum cleaning power with minimal power consumption.


The S3 Robotic’s simple plug and play operation enables superior cleaning capability without the hassles. Ready to use right out of the box, it utilizes two preprogrammed cleaning modes. The Perfect Cycle provides intensive wall, bottom, and stair cleaning for a perfectly cleaned pool in 3 hours, while the Turbo Cycle operates in just 1.5 hours by focusing on the pool’s floor.


Born from years of advanced robotic design expertise, the S3 Robotic delivers the safety and performance you’d expect from the world leader in automatic pool cleaners. Proven low voltage technology reduces energy consumption and costs. And its automatic shut off sensor along with a durable, double insulated power cord enable safe and simple operation.


  • Advanced float assembly � Self adjusts for optimal wall and waterline cleaning.
  • Lightweight construction and ergonomic handles � Allows for easy lifting.
  • Powerful motor � Filters and circulates water throughout entire pool for enhanced water clarity.
  • Versatile tracking system � Accommodates all pool surfaces.
  • Aggressive scrubbing action � Prevents waterline build-up.
  • High-strength lightweight alloy caddy.
  • User-friendly control panel � Enables easy operation.