Black Algaetrine 1 qt




Black Algaetrine is a unique, patented combination of algaecides specially formulated to control black algae and other resistant strains.



  • Attacks deeply rooted black algae
  • Safe for vinyl, plaster, colored and fiberglass poolsApplications:
    Dilute in a bucket with at least nine parts of water before applying. To remove black deposits: Brush areas vigorously with a stiff or special algae brush immediately prior to application. This will help break up the black algae colonies that have formed. Apply Black Algaetrine (12 oz. per 10,000 gallons). Brush again once each day for two days following application. Remove any settled algae by vacuuming. Reapply treatment if necessary.

    Algaecides are most effective when applied in the morning on warm, sunny days. Because black algae is protected by a tough, waxy coat, it is important to use an algaecide specifically for black algae such as Black Algaetrine.

    Compatible With:
    Chlorine, bromine and ozone sanitizers. Do not use in pools sanitized with biguanide products.

    Black Algaetrine Advantage:
    Contains 3.07% active copper in a specially buffered system that won’t upset water balance.