Butyl Rubber Tape [CS-6000]




The remarkable qualities of butyl tape are hard to dispute. This remarkable self-adhering tape, made from butyl compound, adheres to just about anything and can withstand a multitude of environmental compromises such as temperature. In fact butyl tape will remain flexible in both intense heat and freezing cold. Butyl tape will also resist breakdown in these extreme temperature variations.

Butyl tape can be your best friend when it comes to underwater repair tape. The extraordinary properties of butyl tape allow for use in a broad spectrum of applications including pool, spa and water feature leak repair. With its exceptional qualities butyl tape is a strong and reliable underwater sealing tape. When used as an underwater sealing tape this product provides an immediate watertight seal and prevents any further leaking.


Hand moldable
Can be used as a gap filler.
Can be applied underwater.
Retains flexible tacky consistency.
Will not harden, easily removable.
Ready to use! No tools, mixing, or gloves required.
Works under water! No need to drain the pool.
Can be used year round! Stays flexible even at temperatures below 0�F.
Permanent yet removable! Long lasting seal that can be easily removed if needed.