NAVA Chlorine Stabilizer & Conditioner



NAVA Stabilizers & Conditioners (Cyanuric Acid)

Stabilizing your pool water reduces the amount of chlorine you use in your swimming pool by preventing UV from depleting the available chlorine in your pool.

Best results are achieved by adding 30ppm to your pool water – or 1 pound per 4,000 gallons. Add this product slowly to your surface skimmer. Make sure filter is clean at that pressure is at normal starting pressure. Recirculate water for at least 6 hours.

By using NAVA stabilized chlorine to maintain your pool you should not have to add any additional stabilizer to your pool, unless you perform a complete drain and refill. Check your cyanuric acid level to maintain a 30-50 ppm using a suitable test kit. Check the concentration of cyanuric acid at spring start-up and fall closing.


  • Cuts down on the amount of chlorine used by preventing the ultra violet rays of the sun depleting effect.
  • Chlorine stabilizer for swimming pools
  • Dissolves completely