SAL Light 120v Color Spa Light




Automated color in a compact package

Now you can enjoy the dramatic color lighting effects of SAm in your spa. Spectrum AquaLight (SAL) produces the same revolutionary 7-color spectrum as our SAm light, but it comes in a compact package. Especially designed for spas, SAL provides breathtaking color at the flip of a switch�just like SAm. Imagine relaxing with your family and friends in a spa where you can create a beautiful, continuously changing light show. And if you have a pool/spa combination, you�ll be glad to know that SAL easily synchronizes with SAm to provide a uniform display of ever-changing aquatic color.

Standard features include:


  • Produces same dramatic color mix as SAm light.
  • Synchronizes with SAm and FIBERworks PG2000.
  • Dual remote from existing light switch.
  • SAL�s white light is comparable to 70-watt SpaBrite light.
  • 4,000-hour lamp life reduces relamping frequency.
  • Fits all SpaBrite and AquaLight niches.
  • Simple 3-wire connection for quick professional installation.
  • 12-volt and 120-volt models available.
  • Three-year limited warranty.